Greig Sharman - Bishop Monkton

Dr Greig Sharman

The executive committee of the Harrogate and District Green Party have decided to stand aside and form a Progressive Alliance with the Liberal Democrats in Harrogate and Knaresborough.  In return the Liberal Democrats have stood down in Skipton and Ripon in support of our candidate Andy Brown.

We are doing this to strengthen the democratic process in Harrogate and Knaresborough and allow the voices of our District to be heard in Westminster.

The government are intent to stifle all opposition and ignore any voice that is prepared to call out an opposing view or challenge their plans on a hard Brexit, and whilst we have a First Past the Post (FPTP) system the electoral system actively works against us.  Additionally, our local MP is not prepared to implement any checks and balances in the Brexit debate and will only follow party orders.

The impact of Brexit for the district will be huge, therefore we need an MP who will listen to constituents and challenge the terms and conditions of any Brexit deal if they materially pose a threat to jobs, industry, worker rights, environmental protections and economic security.

In normal circumstances we would welcome the opportunity to put forward our distinct Green Party policies, but due to Brexit the choices we make on the 8th June will impact for a generation.

We are also highlighting the fact that our current conservative MP’s voting record does not instil confidence in anyone who reads it.  Andrew Jones time and again votes with elitist career politicians, with little representation of local issues in the national debate. His position is further compromised by his ministerial role and his inability to vote against the party line.  He does not make a good MP for our area and I encourage you to read and share Andrew's Jones voting record which can be found easily at

The Green Party have shown we are prepared to engage across party lines and work with other parties in pushing forward a shared vision for the District - dealing with the local issues that matter.  A number of you have been calling out for a Progressive Alliance.  Within the committee we have listened and this has been a unanimous decision.

We hope you understand and appreciate our decision and believe, like us, that only with a proper debate that listens to all views will we have a stronger local democracy.