Manifesto for the District Council Elections 3 May 2018

We will stand up and make local councils work for the welfare of the people of Harrogate borough first, not corporations and cars. Harrogate Borough must be more assertive with the conservative-controlled North Yorkshire county council.

We are deeply committed to our ‘dream’ of healthier happier communities and will stand against the status-quo of the Tory councillors who will not stand up to their own council to protect our green spaces from unwanted development, ruining our countryside, clogging up our roads and polluting our air. We will fight against unnecessary development and roads, and promote and expand public and clean transport, and well-planned affordable housing.   

More specifically, we would, for example:


  • Oppose building housing in the fields surrounding our villages.
  • Ensure new housing is as energy efficient as possible.


  • Make dramatic improvements to roads, cycle and walkways.
  • Prioritise carshare and other car reduction schemes.
  • Stop new roads destroying our natural ‘capital’ – especially the Nidd Gorge.
  • Encourage the use of electric vehicles (fit and advertise new charging points etc).
  • Make bus services serve all parts of the district properly.
  • Stop the pointless competing and racing between different bus providers.
  • Ensure there are shelters and seats for all bus stops.

Local Economy

  • Be committed to using council powers to ensure empty shops are in full use.
  • Promote all facilities such as sports, markets, events and public toilets.
  • Support the market towns, sustainable tourism and local business and produce.


  • Work to prevent fracking in our area (Pannal and south Harrogate lies on frack-friendly geology).
  • Make recycling easier for householders.
  • Work to reduce waste of all kinds.