Harrogate Green Party continues their call to tackle climate change.

07 October 2020

We, the Green Party in Harrogate, support the Liberal Democrats’ motion but would ask the Council to consider the two proposals separately. This is something Harrogate & District Green Party has been working on for a long time and continue to work hard with other groups to support the basis of this motion and empower local people to have input into shaping their communities.

HARLOW GREENS say: “NO to Danone”

17 August 2020

Harrogate Water recently applied to extend their original plans and factory into Rotary Woods. They promised to consult with the Green Party and other local groups after meeting with them in February, but instead they have submitted landscaping details without the promised consultation. Harlow Greens Campaigner, Rebecca Maunder says ‘This Planning Proposal should not have got this far – Harrogate Borough Council need to join up their climate actions with their planning actions’.

HARROGATE DISTRICT GREEN PARTY says: ”NO to Climate Coalition inaction”

09 August 2020

Arnold Warneken of Harrogate Green Party, and a member of Harrogate Council Climate Coalition, has written to Phil Ireland, the Coalition Chair. Arnold is calling for the Coalition to take decisive action in response to the climate emergency.

HARROGATE DISTRICT GREEN PARTY says: ”NO to littering in Harlow”

28 July 2020

Harlow Greens (part of Harrogate District Green Party) held their Summer Spruce-up on Harlow Hill last Saturday morning. The 11-strong group cleared the playing field of rubbish, and collected a total of 10 bin-bags, mainly beer bottles, cans, sweet wrappers and dog poo

HARROGATE DISTRICT GREEN PARTY says: ”YES to practical action - let's get growing!”

23 April 2020

Harrogate District Green Party has just launched a Community Allotment at Arnold Warneken's smallholding in Cowthorpe near Wetherby. Six families from the village tend their own plot, taking care to follow social distancing and using their own tools

HARROGATE DISTRICT GREEN PARTY says: ”YES to practical action to help the housebound and unwell”

09 April 2020

Harrogate District Green Party is organising medicine collection and deliveries from a rural pharmacy to housebound residents. Springbank Health in Tockwith & Green Hammerton previously relied on volunteers to deliver prescibed drugs, but many of these volunteers are themselves now self-isolating, leaving the delivery service under threat.

Say 'no' to destroying the Rotary Woods

01 March 2020

Harrogate & District Green Party organised a walk from the Cenotaph, through Valley Gardens to the Pinewoods/ Rotary Woods, highlighting the threat to Rotary Woods and how to object to the proposal online. We distributed leaflets with information to consider including and had a good response from local people in support of the campaign to save Rotary Woods. The woodland was planted in 2005 by local students and pupils with over 70 tree species provided by the Rotary Club and is now an excellent habitat for wildlife. Join us again Sunday 15th March 11am Harrogate Cenotaph.

Harrogate Green Party Members Join Anti-war Protest At Harrogate Cenotaph

11 January 2020

Harrogate Green Party members joined other protesters in a demonstration organised by veteran campaigner, Lindis Percy, against the illegal and immoral action of the US government in Iran which could lead to the outbreak of another mindless war in the Middle East. Green Party member, Shan Oakes, was asked to give a speech the text of which can be read here by clicking on the link below

Interview in Harrogate Advertiser on the Green Party Prospects for the 2019 General Election

08 November 2019

Read a recent interview with Harrogate and Knaresborough Green Party Candidate, Shan Oakes, on the prospects for the Green Party and the importance of environmental issues in the forthcoming election, published by the Harrogate Advertiser

Harrogate and Knaresborough Green Party candidate steps aside to secure Remain vote

07 November 2019

The Green Party will not after all field a candidate in Harrogate and Knaresborough in the upcoming General Election as part of a series of electoral arrangements with the Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru.

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