9 March 2015

Harrogate Futures Forum : Climate Change - why the fuss?

Harrogate Futures Forum - Climate Change Discussion


In the fifth meeting of the popular series Harrogate Futures Forum, Bill Rigby (Harrogate & District Green Party chair) addressed the issue of climate change.

Seeming to have slipped down the political agenda in recent times, the event was an opportunity to remind ourselves why protecting the environment is in fact a more pressing concern than ever.

Discussing the issues we face within the current economic/social/political model and the desperate need to move away from these structures if we are to live in a sustainable society, the forum expressed frustration at the lack of will the current political elite hold in terms of investing in green solutions and safeguarding aspects of nature which humanity (seemingly!) seeks to destroy. The problem of climate change really is no issue of climate at all, it is more an issue of our attitude towards it!

The meeting also heard from the Green Party's parliamentary candidate for Harrogate & Knaresborough constituency, Shan Oakes, who criticised politicians across the board for being in bed with large corporations who often have little regard for the environment, and hence fail to safeguard it for generations to come.