28 April 2017

Our response to local health and wildlife threats


This story now links with looming local authority elections. Before reading this news up-date, you may want to read, 'Harrogate Borough Council Threatens our Health & Wildlife in Knaresborough' dated 22nd December 2016.


If as a result of Public Inquiries in February and March, planning permissions are given for another 155 houses off Boroughbridge Road, it seems there will be no limit to the numbers which will keep being added. There will be no limit on the pollution increases which will keep harming public health. There is already another planning application to add a further 120, to those now under construction. A copy of our objection to the 120 is shown below. The developer is Gladman and we have issued an identical objection against Gleeson, which awaits a decision on a second planning application, in case the first is rejected by the Public Inquiry held in March.


We attended the Public Inquiry in February, to read out a statement, part of which was printed in the Harrogate Advertiser on the 23rd February on page 28. The statement shown below, is what we read out at the separate Public Inquiry in March. We summarised and highlighted the issues tackled in astonishing detail by other campaigners. We congratulated them in our 22nd December 2016 report and do so again here.


Andrew Jones MP has stated that he opposes developments in the Boroughbridge Road area and sees that as a "crucial" election issue. By contrast, HBC staff have pressed exceptionally hard to continue with building developments there, even asking for consent to give Gleeson permission, without requiring the approval of councillors on HBC's planning committee. That alone would create a dangerous precedent, for other developers to exploit.


Local Conservative candidates have stated in a leaflet delivered to local houses that they, "support the decision made by HBC". If they mean what they say, they disagree with their colleagues Andrew Jones and  Cllr Ivor Fox and are supporting developments that will damage wildlife habitats and  increase both traffic congestion and air pollution at Bond End. The Harrogate and District Green Party hopes that, if elected, they will take these matters seriously and join with Andrew Jones and Ivor Fox in opposing these developments.