22 May 2017

Democratic Deficit - Ripon Hustings

Below is a letter printed in the Ripon edition of the Advertiser which reflect on the Ripon Cathedral Hustings that was held on Saturday 13th May.


Democratic deficit - it's no joke.

At the hustings in Ripon Cathedral on Saturday, the Conservative Candidate for Skipton and Ripon, Julian Smith, declined to answer the point from the floor that the Conservatives are flouting democracy in many ways. 


For example:

  • They are against proportional representation when it is clear that it is now desperately needed
  • They  have outrageously overridden the vote by Lancashire County Council against fracking
  • North Yorkshire CC Conservatives ignored massive public resistance to Fracking
  • They do not want to lower the voting age to sixteen
  • Schools are discouraged from inviting speakers to talk about politics
  • Conservative politicians often actively avoid hustings and TV and radio debates!


Can we still call our country 'a democracy'?