Letter on Mashamshire Swift Conservation Community Project Meeting in Masham

28 March 2019

In what is an increasingly worrying  world, we need to feel we can make a difference.  I should like to suggest something positive which we can do to help locally.  I attended a packed talk last Friday at Masham Town Hall on swifts.  The swift is the swooping and screaming crescent-winged bird which is airborne all the time except for rearing its chicks.  The Mashamshire Swift Conservation Community project  arranged for Edward Mayer of the Swift Conservation Network and Jonathan Pomroy, a Yorkshire based artist, to share their encyclopaedic knowledge and love of this incredible bird – a bird which stays for only about 100 days to breed in Britain – usually late April to August – and which is in danger because of loss of nest sites and insectlife.  However - we can  all help by  looking out for these birds, preserving any known nest sites, adding to them by fitting boxes or specially designed swift bricks to our houses or public buildings, and  pushing for nature-friendly farming methods which do not depend on decimating insect life.




Shan Oakes

Parliamentary Candidate for Harrogate and Knaresborough