Harrogate, Knaresborough and District Green Party Letter Published in Harrogate Advertiser

6 June 2019

What is it about Donald Trump which has made us so angry about his visit?

Both our nations find ourselves in the middle of a period of manipulation of the public and the suspect handling of key elections. So, grossly inappropriate 'leaders' are coming to the fore, who promote values which appeal to prejudice and xenophobia. The peddling of outright lies for political ends has come to be expected; we have become accustomed to rubbishing the very existence of objectivity in science or the justice system.


In all this, Trump personifies our collective indifference to fairness, generosity of spirit, and respect for nature. When Trump offers trade deals, he has in mind the profits he will make from our NHS - as just one example. We can do better than this!


Bill Rigby, Chair, Harrogate and District Green Party