12 July 2019

Dear Editor,

It was great to see almost two hundred people turn out with the Woodland Trust last Saturday to say NO to a road which would not only ruin our beautiful Nidd Gorge but also bring more traffic to our area rather than reduce congestion in town.  It seems good that Andrew Jones MP appeared at the walk,  BUT,  odd that he is in the Conservative Party – the party pushing for roads of this kind all over the country, as well as many other schemes which destroy our environment and our right to clean air and water.   It is clear they are now the party funded by the super-rich for the super-rich.   It made me angry to have to watch a Conservative MP currying votes locally on this issue, when his own party is the very one promoting too much building of roads,  housing, airports HS2, and  other policies hostile to the environment and to the health of the vast majority of people.  We witness this time and again:  Andrew  being seen locally ‘on the side of the angels’ whilst his party in government does the very opposite – such as closing down or selling off public services.  One must conclude that it’s a clever party ploy – and it seems to work for Mr Jones – but it is disingenuous to say the least.  Surely we should see through this by now?   Please respond to the (Conservative-dominated NYCC) Congestion Survey before the deadline of 7 July.




Shan Oakes

Media Officer for Harrogate and District Green Party