9 August 2020


HARROGATE DISTRICT GREEN PARTY says: ”NO to Climate Coalition inaction”


Arnold Warneken of Harrogate Green Party, and a member of Harrogate Council Climate Coalition, has written to Phil Ireland, the Coalition Chair. Arnold is calling for the Coalition to take decisive action in response to the climate emergency.

Arnold said “I want the Coalition to open up, transform the way it operates, and act with a real sense of urgency. I’d like to see it engage with the community more by setting up a Citizens Assembly, and allowing non-councillorto take the lead.

Since the last meeting I have been aware of some frustrations, and I can understand why members feel that the issues are not being responded to as if we are ‘in an emergency’. This has even led to a member resigning from a Sub Group.

The Coalition needs to be able to make policy recommendations to the council. Now is the time for Harrogate to be brave and forward thinking - for example where are the sites for Park & Ride, where is the commitment for all council houses to be Passivhaus standard - it’s not enough just to say that these policies will be ‘considered’ or ‘encouraged’.

The Climate Coalition has an important role to play in firstly guiding the Council to declare a climate emergency, and then to strengthen the Council’commitment to achieve district-wide carbon-neutral status. I want the Coalition to become a change-maker, not just a talking-shop!”.



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