Harrogate Spa Water, owned by multinational corporation Danone, has received criticism from Harlow Greens for their plan to destroy local woodland.

17 August 2020

HARLOW GREENS say: “NO to Danone”

Harrogate Spa Water, owned by multinational corporation Danone, has received criticism from Harlow Greens for their plan to destroy local woodland.

Harrogate Water recently applied to extend their original plans and factory into Rotary Woods.  They promised to consult with the Green Party and other local groups after meeting with them in February, but instead they have submitted landscaping details without the promised consultation.

Harlow Greens Campaigner, Rebecca Maunder says ‘This Planning Proposal should not have got this far – Harrogate Borough Council need to join up their climate actions with their planning actions’.

The landscaping plans submitted do not provide any compensation for the loss of trees and habitat.  Outline planning was granted based on conditions which detailed the need for mitigating the loss of this valuable woodland.  These conditions are blatantly not met in the landscaping and design proposals.  Harrogate Water are trying to fob the community off with landscaped trees around a factory as a replacement for the rich and diverse 2 acre habitat.  It’s totally unacceptable and according to the National Planning Policy Framework, the planned extension should be refused where ‘significant harm to biodiversity… cannot be compensated for.’(1)

Rebecca adds ‘there are so many reasons why this proposal should not have been granted outline planning permission.  There are questions about extracting natural spring water and putting it into plastic bottles in the first instance, but for the Council to agree to the destruction of the Council-owned 2 acres of woodland habitat, that is a designated Asset of Community Value planted by local people and children; highlights the lack of connection the Council has with the community and their priorities’.

Harlow Greens are planning to meet on West Park by Beech Grove/ Otley Road this Friday 21st August at 6pm to walk up Otley Road to the Pinewoods handing out leaflets to give people information on how to object to the landscaping proposals and lack of compensation for the 2 acres of woodland.  ‘Please join us and add your voice to save Rotary Woods’ ends Rebecca. 

The online deadline for objections is not given, so please write in as soon as you can.  If the online system doesn’t accept your objection you can still write a letter and hand it in to Council Offices HG1 2SG. You can find out more details of how to object on the Harrogate & District Green Party website.




(1)    National Planning Policy Framework paragraph 175a;

“if significant harm to biodiversity resulting from a development cannot be avoided (through locating on an alternative site with less harmful impacts), adequately mitigated, or, as a last resort, compensated for, then planning permission should be refused.”   



Harlow Greens Campaigner, Rebecca Maunder outside Harrogate Spa Water where they were promised consultation regarding the compensation plans for the removal of Rotary Woods.
Harlow Greens Campaigner Rebecca Maunder in Rotary Woods


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