Harrogate Green Party supports the local Liberal Democrats’ proposal to set up a citizens’ assembly to tackle climate change.

7 October 2020

We, the Green Party in Harrogate, support the Liberal Democrats’ motion but would ask the Council to consider the two proposals separately. This is something Harrogate & District Green Party has been working on for a long time and continue to work hard with other groups to support the basis of this motion and empower local people to have input into shaping their communities.

Arnold Warneken from the Harrogate Green Party said:  

I would like the motion to be carried in its presented format but the element declaring a Climate Emergency is not very different to what was presented last time and that was watered down by Councillor Richard Cooper to a “Climate Problem “ so there is no way this is being treated as an emergency by Harrogate Borough Council, despite huge support we have seen by not only local groups but residents to be treated as such.

He added: 

At the last Coalition meeting, it was agreed that the members would have a working party prepare a draft Plan with timescales as you would in an emergency well nearly two months later no meeting has taken place. This is not the way you treat an emergency as Green Party MP Caroline Lucas said: “You don’t dial 999 and ask for an ambulance in 10 years’ time.” So if the Administration is still going to treat the issue as not a serious problem, then at least support a citizen assembly to help move this EMERGENCY forward at an appropriate pace.”

The climate emergency isn’t going anywhere, we no longer have an excuse to have an inactive council who don’t consider it a key point of our future and for future generations. The Green Party has declared a Climate Emergency across the country, with members working hard to pressure councils without a Green presence to pass resolutions on this issue, something which we are willing to do here with other local groups. 


Rebecca Maunder, Harrogate and District Green Party campaigner said:

“The Council needs to take this motion seriously to reflect the urgency of the situation.  Local people back this motion and are watching to see if our representatives support giving residents greater voice over how our communities are shaped.”


If you want Harrogate Borough Council to declare a climate emergency then please write to Councillor Phil Ireland, Cabinet Member Carbon Reduction and Sustainability phil.ireland@harrogate.gov.uk



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