Local Green Party Committee

Gilly Charters, Secretary

Chair - Gilly Charters


I joined the Green Party to challenge the inequalities that are increasing in our society. A more equal country is better for us all. The Green Party is the only party which consistently works towards a fairer Britain. I also know that I, and my generation, do not own the world. We are custodians who must hand over clean air, fresh water and plenty of green spaces for our children and grandchildren. Again the Green Party is clear that we can encourage businesses to flourish without destroying the basics that we all rely on.  The qualities of thinking and planning that attracted me to the Party almost 10 years ago still underpin our policies and fit with my ideals. Its the only party that has made a real difference for people!



Shan Oakes, member of the exec and a European candidate 2014.

Press Officer - Shan Oakes


I have been concerned about what humans are doing to each other and to the environment since I can remember, and I feel desperately sad – and angry - that democracy has been decimated to the point we are at now, with police brutally attacking peaceful fracking protectors and students who are standing up for our rights to fairness and a healthy environment.  I will fight for a fairer, more equal and healthier society both here and across the world, since we are all connected: what goes around comes around.  Living in Uganda helped me see the bigger picture, and my grand-children help me look into the future.  I see the old political paradigm handing power to amoral corporations as very largely responsible for the critical state we are in.  Radical change is needed now.

Contact Shan on Twitter(@shanoakes), Blog (shanoakes.blogspot), Phone (01423 549376)

Treasurer - Shaun Lowry


Only the Green Party is prioritising social and environmental justice.  The cuts are a government choice and politically motivated.  We must protect vulnerable groups who are being targeted.  Funding can be maintained by clamping down on tax avoidance and bankers’ bonuses and I will be an active local voice arguing for the priorities we all need and against the wrong-headed, short term and vanity schemes of the other parties.

Richard Wilson elections officer

Elections Officer - Richard Wilson


It is a national disgrace that in one of the wealthiest countries in the world we have seen an explosion in the number of people relying on food banks to feed their families.  This is a direct consequence of the Conservative government’s vindictive programme of welfare cuts such as the bedroom tax. These are making the poor and vulnerable pay the price of the financial meltdown which they did not cause. This is unjust. I believe that the Green Party is the only major political party that is serious about building a fair society and creating economic prosperity whose proceeds are shared by all, not just the few at the top.

 Membership Secretary - Greig Sharman


 Events & Fundraising - Nicola Everill


Your local Green Councillors

The Green Party has two local councillors in the Harrogate District, both of whom sit on Knaresborough Town Council

Knaresborough Town Council


 Councillor Bill Rigby

Councillor Bill Rigby - Scriven Park Ward, Mayor of Knaresborough May 2016 - May 2017

Email: bill.rigby41@gmail.com

For a long time, I ducked out of politics.  Certainly, I was aware that the world was in a bit of a mess, but it took ages for me to realise two things: first there is no need for a 'mess'; the world should be much much better than it is, and second, the actions of my generation are largely responsible.

I don't want to leave this dreadful legacy behind for my grandchildren without doing as much as humanly possible to remedy things.  Over a decade of working with the Greens have shown me that honesty and integrity has a place in politics, and that ordinary people are looking for leaders who put these qualities first, so I am happy to help make this happen.


Elizabeth Collins - Councillor for Scriven Park

Councillor Elizabeth Collins - Scriven Park Ward

Email: Elizabeth.collins21@gmail.com

Full contact details for your Green Councillors can be found at:


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